My Story

With reverberating purpose and strategic strides, Danielle D. Hughes has become one of Detroit’s most recognizable millennials for youth advocacy and empowerment. Pledging daily to be the person she says she needed when she was younger, the astute social entrepreneur, humanitarian and proud Detroit, MI native, makes it her mission to make an impact in the lives of her hometown youth, serving as Dream Director to students in the area.

Named to Forbes ‘30 under ‘30 2018 list for her profound work in education, Danielle is a striking example of dreams realized, creatively directing and hosting her own vision board series in cities across the country since 2015.

Through her pivotal actions exposing young people in low-income communities to life-enhancing opportunities, Danielle has been honored as one of 25 of the most powerful women in Detroit by Walkers Legacy, Woman Of The Year by the Zeta Nu Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc, Vanguard Award recipient by the Detroit Young Professionals, named a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ by the Native Detroiter Magazine, a Top 30 under 40 by M-Lifestyle and the esteemed honor of being named one of the most influential African Americans of 2018 by The Root. Coupling her youth advocacy with contributions to women empowerment campaigns, Danielle believes fearlessness, grace, tenacity and unapologetic excellence is what makes herself and women alike, powerful.

Danielle holds a B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University. Noting her triple threat for success and serenity, she is an unwavering lover of God, good novels and good manners.


Defining your core values will change your life, here are some I hold close to my heart:

• Compassion
• Commitment
• Dedication
• Education
• Forgiveness
• Gratitude
• Integrity
• Optimism
• Unity
• Vision


– The 5 things that changed my life

Graduating high school with a 1.9 GPA

I’ve never been a model student. I always struggled with learning and “keeping up” with those around me academically. So much so, that I almost didn’t graduate high school. I ended up graduating with a 1.9 GPA with no college acceptances. I attended community college and something began to click…

Moving to Atlanta

After completing my community college courses, I decided to move to Atlanta to pursue my degree in Journalism. Moving 700 miles away from home with no family made me grow up very quickly and forced me to recognize the inner strength and genius that I possessed.

Getting Fired from 2 News Stations

I was hired (and fired) from two jobs in news within a year and a half. My career began as a news reporter in Alabama and ended as a news anchor in Georgia. My childhood dream quickly turned into a nightmare. During this time, God turned my pain into passion and introduced me to my purpose.


After being let go, I had to move back home to Detroit where I experienced a “beginning life crisis.” During that time, I engulfed myself in community work with young people in the city. That work led me to my dream profession and a spot on the Forbes list for the nonprofit that I co-founded.

Danielle D Hughes Was Born

Once the list dropped, I went through a personal metamorphosis. I decided that it was time to share more of my journey with the world. I no longer felt the need to hide my insecurities and failures, rather turn them into triumphs. That realization led me to this moment and is the reason you’re reading this today.